ServiceNow Community MVP 2022

For the third year in a row, I’m honoured to be amongst the small group of individuals that ServiceNow awards with MVP status.

“ServiceNow MVPs are recognized for their product expertise, credible influence, and contributions to the collective community. They demonstrate a commitment to engage, guide, and share their expertise with their peers. MVPs represent the voice of the ServiceNow Community.”

Source: ServiceNow Community recognition programs

Testing 3 methods to get an invitation for Knowledge 2020

Testing three methods to get an invitation for Knowledge 2020

You’re most probably aware of Knowledge, the largest annual ServiceNow event. It’s the place to be for ServiceNow experts. From a professional development point of view, it’s a very valuable event. From an individual point of view, it’s also a very expensive event… USD 800$ a day, or 1800$ for the full week! This is not even including transportation nor accommodations.

In the past, several of my managers told me “If you’re invited, we may pay for travel and hotel, but if you’re not, we have too many budget restrictions to get you a ticket”. 

⚠️? Knowledge 2020 was to happen in Orlando, Florida. Due to the CoVid-19 crisis, it will be re-invented as an online event. I wrote this article prior to that announcement, so it’s relevance may be affected by how K20 it will reorganized.

As this experience may be useful to you, I’ll share here how I managed to be invited by ServiceNow… not once, not twice, but thrice… for the same year!

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