Preview of Jakarta changes

ServiceNow is soon to release a new version of ServiceNow, code-named Jakarta. This article showcases just some of the new features to be excited about in this new release.

If you are a ServiceNow Partner or Employee, you can learn all about the new features via several video presentations from the Jakarta Partner Release Curriculum available at the SabaCloud learning portal. For everyone else, here is a list of some of the new features to be excited about. I’ll add pictures once I have better ones, as the published ones are very blurry.

Now Platform

  1. Now Platform is the new name of the ServiceNow platform.
  2. Advanced guided setups. Create mini interactive guides on your forms to allow intuitive entry for new users.
  3. Visual timeline dashboard for enhanced SLAs visibility.
  4. Automated Testing Framework now available for the Service Catalog Items.
  5. ServiceNow Express now shares the same code base as the Enterprise version. This allows Express to use the Service Portal and graphical workflows!
  6. Instance Security Dashboard, an overview of your instance security related configurations.
  7. Improved loading time for forms and lists.
  8. ITSM Guided Setups to assist customers in configuring Service Desk using best practice, inspired by ServiceNow Express.

IT Business Management

  1. Software Asset Management has been re-factored to include modern licenses management and detection. Great for compliance and cost efficiency.
  2. New service portal for Project Portfolio Management.
  3. You can now define inter-project dependencies.
  4. You can now define your own formulas for PPM ranking systems.
  5. A new Worker Portal allows easier recording of time worked and better visibility on all current assignations.


  1. Entreprise Onboarding and Transition. Easily automate and streamline employee onboarding and other lifecycle event activities across departments.
  2. Electronic signature and PDF generation to become paperless.

IT Security

  1. Products New app called trusted Security Circles. It’s like an anonymous forum with selected peers, allowing Security Analysts to share access to security incidents to other units in a business including third parties.
  2. More native third party integrations to quickly get security response workflow implemented.

Customer Service Management

  1. (CSM) Communities, basically giving out the ServiceNow Community functionality for consumers via the CSM Portal.


Performance Analytics

  1. (PA) Advanced forecasting, using the machine learning algorithms.
  2. New report designer, should be easier to use.


  1. For Partners’ training, ServiceNow is moving ahead from an accreditation approach to a revamped certification program. I’m not sure if my Implementation Specialist certification is being deprecated. See KB on Certification FAQ.
  2. Part of this will be the ServiceNow Adaptative Implementation Framefork (SAIF) and ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM). It will be used to manage all ServiceNow engagements. It is a process that leverages the functionality of the Project Portfolio Management, Agile Development and Test Management applications within the ServiceNow platform. The goal is to accelerate the delivery of value, effectively manage engagement risk and ensure consistent and predictable delivery around the globe.
  3. ServiceNow will now encourage Partners to use PPM on the client instance to manage their implementation.

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