Financial Implication of Extending Tables

Did you know that extending the wrong table can multiply the cost of your implementation up to four times?

As an implementation specialist, you need to be aware that there may be some consequent financial costs when you extend ServiceNow tables.

A quick reminder of what are extended tables

I’m regulary amazed by the elegance of ServiceNow’s Object-relational database, where tables can be child of another table. Child table inherits all columns and properties of its parent.

The CMDB heavily uses this. At the root level the cmdb_ci table contains only the common fields used for all CMDB items, then it’s extended by the cmdb_ci_hardware  that adds fields relevant only to hardware, like a serial number. This is extended again by cmdb_ci_computer, that adds a layer of computer centric fields, like OS information or RAM amount. Continue reading “Financial Implication of Extending Tables”