Great UX Trick: Simple Info Banners for List Views

ServiceNow’s List Views are a great interface to display list of records, but sometime they are bit dry. Did you know that there is an easy trick to add banners on top of them?

Such info banners are useful, as they can give contextual help to your users. This is a better approach than emails, as the information is easily found when the user need it. To display banners on list views, we need to be creative and use configuration in an unexpected way…

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GlideRecord will get a Modern Successor: GlideQuery

I found a great Knowledge20 session from Peter Bell… That one that got me technically excited… It’s about a yet undocumented GlideRecord successor: GlideQuery! ?
It’s a powerful and modern JavaScript layer that will sit on top of #ServiceNow GlideRecord. Yes!

If you don’t want to view the 20 minute video, there is an excellent blog article alternative from Jace Benson, shorter to read.

Jace’s Article: Glide Freaking Query Wow
Knowledge20 Video: GlideQuery: A modern upgrade to GlideRecord

Testing 3 methods to get an invitation for Knowledge 2020

Testing three methods to get an invitation for Knowledge 2020

You’re most probably aware of Knowledge, the largest annual ServiceNow event. It’s the place to be for ServiceNow experts. From a professional development point of view, it’s a very valuable event. From an individual point of view, it’s also a very expensive event… USD 800$ a day, or 1800$ for the full week! This is not even including transportation nor accommodations.

In the past, several of my managers told me “If you’re invited, we may pay for travel and hotel, but if you’re not, we have too many budget restrictions to get you a ticket”. 

⚠️? Knowledge 2020 was to happen in Orlando, Florida. Due to the CoVid-19 crisis, it will be re-invented as an online event. I wrote this article prior to that announcement, so it’s relevance may be affected by how K20 it will reorganized.

As this experience may be useful to you, I’ll share here how I managed to be invited by ServiceNow… not once, not twice, but thrice… for the same year!

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Exam Review: Certified Master Architect – Capstone Board Review

I previously wrote about beta testing the CMA program. The results are in… I’m now a fully endorsed ServiceNow Certified Master Architect! As I publish this, there are only 45 CMAs in the world.

It was a six-month journey, sometimes bumpy, sometimes scary, but always interesting. We had to learn, and prove our expertise in the wide array of every ServiceNow solution, plus demonstrate our consultancy skills in an exam that was possibly as difficult as university defence thesis.

This was not a multiple-choice exam, but the presentation and defence of an implementation strategy in front of a panel of experts, role-playing the board of a large company. We were tested on governance, clarity, expertise, focus and presentation skills. We had to follow one hundred hours of live webinars, and travels thousands of kilometres on multiples occasions. But most important of all, we had to meet and work with amazing experts, from other Partners and ServiceNow. That was the most satisfying, and difficult, training I ever had. I’m very glad it’s behind me… But every step of that journey was a pleasure.

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Participating in the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect program

If you’re a ServiceNow Architect, aim to become one, or work with Architects, this article could be useful for you!

I wanted to share with you my experience of the excellent ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA) program that I’m lucky to be a part of.

Wait… What is that Certified Master Architect program?

ServiceNow has created a new “elite” program, to train and certify specialists, way above the “Implementation Specialist” level.

This is a six-month program, including 2 weeks of on-site trainings, and 4-6 hours per week of live webinars! This program is currently only offered to registered implementation partners and internal customer facing ServiceNow consultants. This program and certification is not intended for customers.

A typical participant is expected to be a veteran leader in the ServiceNow field, having successfully delivered many large, complex, global multi-product projects on the ServiceNow platform. They are required to have a special blend of technical expertise and soft skills in sales conversations and also post sales deliver domains allowing them to manage and communicate best practice advice and guidance with customers.

The curious may have a look at the CMA FAQ.

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Coaching Loops

Possibly the most underrated, poorly documented, yet incredibly useful ServiceNow plugin!

If you are looking for a way to improve the learning speed of new hires, train whole groups to learn new process or simply make fulfillers better at their jobs, you’ll be interested by the Coaching loops functionality.

When you want to improve a team of fulfillers, you can put satisfaction surveys in place, have yearly training events or do some coaching during the yearly performance review.  Those very common methods, may not the most efficient tool to use. Let me explain why… Continue reading “Coaching Loops”

ServiceNow Online Training Alternatives on Udemy

Last year, I found a few ServiceNow online trainings on Udemy. Some of them are now on sale for the first time since I spotted them.

Those courses are usually priced 100$ each, but until the 11th of January they are heavily discounted at 11$ each for the New Year Sale.

I will probably review some them in much more details, but in the meantime, you may want to grab a copy for you, or recommend them to someone else, while they are on such discount.

ServiceNow 101: Administration
ServiceNow 201: Development
ServiceNow Administration (Latest Version – Nov 17)
Service Portal in ServiceNow – Kingston
ServiceNow IT Operations Management

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Exam Review: Certified Implementation Specialist – ITSM

I want to share my experience about passing the brand new ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management (CIS-ITSM) exam in late November 2017.

In 2013, I passed the previous ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS) exam. It was a difficult certification, and many had to take the five day training boot camp to prepare for it. I choose not to follow that expansive path, but that required me to study some of less common ServiceNow features that I was not familiar with.

Last month, this certification was deprecated as too generic, and replaced by six specialized certifications: Service Mapping, Financial Management, HR, Customer Service Management, “Security Operation – Vulnerability Response” and IT Service Management (ITSM).

ServiceNow consider that CIS-ITSM is the closest certification to the deprecated CIS. This article focusses the new ITSM exam from the perspective of a previous generic CIS holder. Continue reading “Exam Review: Certified Implementation Specialist – ITSM”

JavaScript learning path: From Zero to Hero

When I started as a ServiceNow admin, in 2011, I did not have any experience with JavaScript. I had to learn the basic, fast, and I choose to continue to progress along the way. I consider that continuous improvement is especially important to be applied to oneself.

I did a previous article on the learning path to become “ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist”, but this time I’ll focus on building your JavaScript development skills, via a selection of free or inexpensive courses available online. I’m in no way affiliated to any content linked here. I only want to share the amazing study materials that I found in the past years.

Knowing that 94.7% of all web sites use JavaScript should be a great incentive to learn more on the subject.

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Great UX Trick: Field decorations with 295 hidden icons

ServiceNow contains a hidden treasure of almost 300 icons than can be used to convey better visual distinctiveness to your users’ bookmarks, service portals and system info messages. This distinctiveness can be used to ensure that your contextual messages receive more attention and to facilitate navigation in your instance. Continue reading “Great UX Trick: Field decorations with 295 hidden icons”